Find out WHY

The Key to Successful Innovation


For many companies, innovation is unpredictable. Eighty-four percent (84%) of new products launched each year fail, and that’s after companies have spent large amounts of money on research, development, and marketing.

FranklinCovey’s newest solution, Find Out WHY: The Key to Successful Innovation, helps individuals and leaders at every level understand why customers make the choices they do. Armed with that knowledge, they can design solutions that deliver what customers are looking for—their Job to Be Done.


The participants will receive the following materials: 

  • Participant Guide
  • Practice cards 
  • “WHY” Finder


  • THINK DIFFERENTLY: Recognize the impact of understanding why customers make the choices they do.
  • FIND STRUGGLING MOMENTS: Observe customers using products and services and look for obstacles or frustrations they experience.
  • HEAR WHAT CUSTOMERS DON’T SAY: Interview customers to discover why and how they choose and use specific products and services.
  • FRAME THE JOBS TO BE DONE: Create a concise summary of customer Jobs to Be Done.
  • DESIGN FOR PROGRESS: Generate innovation opportunities that satisfy customer Jobs to Be Done.