How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone’s Intelligence®

What’s holding your team back from better results?

Under pressure to deliver results in good times and bad, leaders face a variety of challenges:

  • We can’t hire, but we need to grow.
  • We need everyone’s best, but people are burned out.
  • We’re okay today, but we’re not ready to compete tomorrow.
  • We have the best talent, but they’re not engaged.

In these circumstances, leaders can’t afford to waste talent. They need people to innovate, to solve problems, to deliver results—and to be excited and engaged as they do so.

The challenge

  • Leaders rely on their own intelligence and capabilities.
  • Leaders create tense work environments, which inadvertently shut down people’s contributions.
  • Leaders overstretch people by repeatedly asking them to do more with less.

The solution

  • Leaders access and use the untapped capabilities of their teams.
  • Leaders create space and encourage bold thinking and smart risk-taking.
  • Leaders offer right-size challenges that build people’s capabilities without burning them out.

Participants kit:Championing-Diversity

  • Participant Guide
  • Multiplier Moments Tool
  • Accidental Diminisher tendency cards
  • Experiment cards

Participants will be able to:

  • THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT: Leaders realize how they inadvertently shut down intelligence and capability despite their best intentions. They identify practical actions to reduce the impact of their Accidental Diminisher tendencies on others.
  • ASK BETTER QUESTIONS: Leaders ask questions that focus everyone on the right problems and opportunities.
  • LOOK FOR GENIUS: Leaders unlock people’s natural aptitudes at work, resulting in rekindled energy and enthusiasm as teams achieve stronger results.
  • CREATE SPACE FOR OTHERS: Leaders moderate their own contributions so others can speak up, debate, learn from mistakes, and find more bold ways to innovate.
  • OFFER BIGGER CHALLENGES: Leaders offer team members the right-size stretches that help them grow and break through to new levels of results.
“Are you a genius?
Or a genius maker?”
Liz Wiseman