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Helping Clients Succeed

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Our Sales Performance Practice, Helping Clients Succeed, helps sales leaders transform their sales process to a more consultative sales approach

Everything we do is founded on the timeless principle that the more you focus on the success of your clients, the more successful you will be.

helping clientsOur solutions are based on our award-winning Helping Clients Succeed methodology which incorporates vital person-to-person communication skills, with critical thinking skills and a laser-focus on execution. Our processes and tools enable sales professionals to truly connect with their customers and build relationships of trust by seeking first to understand their needs and then working together to create win-win outcomes. What’s more—our solutions are measurable, reliable, and sustainable.

Many organizations engage with us to improve their leadership and consultative sales skills, while others engage with us for coaching on specific deals. In addition, we have worked with organizations to improve their planning, strategy, processes, and pipeline management. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit any need and budget.

Organizations that focus on helping their clients succeed find they are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and sell more because they are able to successfully do the following:

  • Focus their intent on helping clients succeed and thereby create trust and intimacy with their clients
  • “Get real” and break down the adversarial relationship that inhibits the buying/selling process
  • Ask effective questions and genuinely listen so clients feel understood and valued
  • Craft solutions that exactly meet the client’s desired results and buying criteria
  • Enable an effective decision-making process so clients can make the best decisions
  • Negotiate win-win scenarios that create and claim more value for both sides
  • Initiate new business opportunities with clients in ways they appreciate
Create a more effective sales force in your organization

We offer three programs as a training suite to strengthen your sales performance. Depending on where your challenge lies, you can also choose to use them individually. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities of Helping Clients Succeed for your organization contact us now.