Leading at The Speed
of Trust

Version 3.0

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Is your work environment overshadowed by redundancies, bureaucracy and fraud and a lack of trust? Are you facing falling revenues due to lower productivity, resistance to new tools and missed opportunities? Do you have to implement strategic adjustments to meet the demands of a changing context? A shortage of internal trust eventually also leads to a lack of client confidence and a failing reputation.

leading speed trustWe have a program that helps you to identify the trust gaps in your organization and to close them. Convert Trust Taxes to Trust Dividends. Doing business at the speed of trust cuts costs, increases performance, boosts profits and your influence. For leaders at every level.

The program helps you to:

  • Increase your personal trustworthiness on the basis of your personal Trust Quotient Report.
  • Gain an insight into which measurable Trust Tax you may already be paying.
  • Convert Trust Tax to Trust Dividend.
  • Understand the benefits of building trust relationships.
  • Draw up action plans to build trust relationships with all your stakeholders.
  • Using the language of trust to strengthen your organizational culture.
The participants will receive the following materials

  • Participant Guidebook
  • Speed of Trust Action Cards
  • Weekly Trust Huddle Guide
  • The Speed of Trust Book
  • Speed of Trust Digital Coach app
  • tQ 360º Assessment

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“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders — customers, suppliers, and employees — is the critical leadership competency in the global economy.”STEPHEN M. R. COVEY Author, The Speed of Trust


This program is a one day or two day workshop. Please contact us for more information.