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What is culture

Culture is the collective behavior of people within an organization. The nature of the mutual relationships, the spoken and unspoken values, standards and systems. The unwritten laws, the subtle messages those are recognizable and specific for your organization. Both internally and externally. There is always culture, in every action and in every contact – although only a few are actually aware of this.
Winning culture is an asset.

Our role

FranklinCovey provides advice and support in the process of strengthening and/or improving your culture. We offer specific training programs and interventions. The tangible benefits for your organization are measurable and lasting results, because organizational culture is the operating system of the 21st century.

Strong cultures are created intentionally

Where are you coming from and where do you want to go? We provide the connection and help you to choose your own organizational culture. Based on the people, the processes and the unwritten rules of the organization. This is the way to develop a culture that becomes your ultimate competitive advantage. (Without that conscious choice, all you can do is rely on what is “in” at any particular moment or the whim of the day). Culture is a constant, so ensure that you steer it consciously.

Leaders are the key

Behavioral change among employees requires the organization’s leaders to be consistent in leading by example. Only then can you break the cycle of old patterns and habits.
Employees are only willing to bring their own behavior in line with the corporate ethics if they trust their leaders. So leaders must themselves display the desired behavior, they need to deliberately encourage it among their employees and be consistent in correcting undesired behavior. They need to hold on to their choices with all the consequences that follow.


We offer your employees structure so that they can implement the organization’s ambition from their position within it. The structure connects new behavior to the result; like a compass, it focuses on the chosen target. The structure leads and focuses the change. It offers employees a framework to display entrepreneurship and to take responsibility for their actions. Combining both freedom and stability.

Strong sustainable development

You want results that last. You need to strengthen and reinforceyour culture with the related behavior on a daily basis. You achieve that by:

    • making consistent work arrangements
    • informing each other openly and honestly about the progress
    • discussing behavior – what you see and what you want

As a daily routine in an atmosphere of trust, it becomes a subject just like any other. That is the way to eliminate any tension from discussions.
We offer you a new language and symbolism to achieve this. Meaning that employees adopt it faster and live by it. New notions inspire and encourage action.

Winning culture in your organization?

With the combination of a conscious choice, leaders in key positions acting as role models, a clear structure and the sustainable development of the new culture you arrive at a winning culture. If you too want a winning culture in your organization, then contact us now and find out what we can do for you.